Ocean eyes


I think everything we do is just a distraction from the fact that we’re all going to die some day. It’s a fact that most of us don’t want to face or even think about. Because it’s scary. And it’s inevitable. It’s going to happen to all of us. You’ll die and the people you love will die, and in the end nothing really matters because it will all be forgotten. That’s the harsh truth. So we distract ourselves so we don’t have to think about it. We go to work, read our books, watch our favourite tv-show. We live and we die. So for God’s sake, do the things that make you happy while you’re here. Do the things that make your stomach ache because you’re both anxious and excited. Do the things that you’ve always been dreaming of and ignore those who tell you it’s impossible. Spend more time with the people you love and less time on your phone. You have this moment and that’s what counts. You should make the most of it. Because some day you will die and then nothing will matter.

This is what goes through my mind at 1 am when I’m trying to sleep.

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